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Not really blogging

I’m deeply sorry for not really “blogging”. Problem is, like in many companies, is that we just cannot find the time to do it. So bear with us and have a look at the rest of our homepage. ;)Lars
Callme, Madonna and Mobilenation

Callme, Madonna and Mobilenation

We just launched a micro-mobile-site for danish mobile operator Callme. The site is dedicated to Callme’s customer’s who buys a Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic cellphone. These customer’s will be offered access to ringtones and wallpapers with Madonna. We...

SAS, Tina Dickow and Mobilenation.

As a follow up to SAS’s new tv-commercial with Tina Dico, SAS has decided to launch a mobile-music-campaign. Throughout the campaign, everyone with a cellphone, can freely download the song from the tv-commercial. The song is “Open Wide” with Tina...

Keeping a secret

If you ask my wife, she’ll say that I cannot keep a secret. If you ask my business partners, they’ll say the exact opposite. I guess that is how us men are put together. I’ve talked to a lot of friends about this, and most of them agree’s with...